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Moret-sur-Loing, 7th September to 30th September 2012...

The exhibit was opened by Patrick Septiers, Mayor of Moret-sur-Loing and President of Moret-Seine-et-Loing. The toillies collection on display included some fifty stainglasses. People came from afar for the September 8th grand opening... Bob & Ellie, Alan & Beatrice crossed the Atlantic, when Graeme dared to leave the Scottish lochs... When the exhibit closed by the end of September, over a thousand visitors had entered the Prieuré to share the light and the colored poetry. The visitor's book bears witness of emotions: "Thank you for enriching our lives"... "De très belles oeuvres dans ce lieu plein d'histoire"... "Bravo pour ces réalisations lumineuses qui éclairent le chemin de l'homme"...

Prieuré de Pont-Loup, rue du peintre Sisley, 77250 Moret sur Loing (France).


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Châtenay-Malabry, 14th March to 29th March 2009...

The 2009 toillies exhibit of stainglass collections was held last March, from 14th to 29th. It was hosted in the wedding room of the Châtenay-Malabry City hall. It met with great success, new stainglasses being appreciated by numerous visitors.

Hôtel de Ville, 92290 Châtenay-Malabry (France).


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Moret-sur-Loing, 15th August to 2nd September 2007...

Moret sur Loing is a charming medieval village nested next to the Fontainebleau forest, a forty-minute drive south of Paris. It is world known thanks to the Impressionist painters who haunted the riverside in the late 19th century, including Alfred Sisley who settled and died there. Originally created some 42 years ago, the village "summer show" now boasts some 6,000 spectators each year. We have had the great privilege of beiing hosted in the Prieuré de Pont-Loup, the ideal setting to display the toillies collection of stainglass. A thousand visitors have expressed their appreciation of the work, the setting, the music and the peace of it all.

Prieuré de Pont-Loup, rue du peintre Sisley, 77250 Moret sur Loing (France).


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Toillies crée, fabrique et vend les vitraux de sa collection, toillies peut aussi créer des exemplaires uniques sur demande.

Les créations de toillies sont protégées par le droit d'auteur et par dépôt des modèles auprès de l'Inpi.